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With over 12 years’ experience in electric transport, we have solid, well-established knowhow to offer to different customers and interest groups.

Our company supplies comprehensive electric transport solutions to meet the needs of the consumer-, community- and corporate customers. With our network of cooperation partners we have the capacity to offer intelligent, cost-effective models that are tailored to our customers’ requirements. We provide the customer with turnkey solutions, encompassing charging devices, design, installation and charging operator services.

Our core competence lies in the integration of the charging device environment into an existing real estate property management system. In the future we plan also to invest heavily in the energy storage opportunities offered by solar power regarding overall energy solutions for real estate.

We endeavour to uphold environmentally friendly operating methods, by reducing the universal carbon footprint. The halting of global warming is the most important undertaking for humankind in the years to come, and we are committed to this end. We are proud to be contributing to the construction of Finland’s nationwide electric vehicle charging network.